MCPatcher 13w09c 1.4.7

Switch between multiple versions of Minecraft


  • Easily switch between multiple versions of Minecraft
  • Useful for many mods and map packs
  • Automatically creates backups


  • Requires administrator rights to install
  • Installation can be tricky


MCPatcher lets Windows PC users install any version of Minecraft.

If you can't get enough of building huge structures, caves and more in Minecraft's simple but addictive gameplay, MCPatcher will make playing different versions of the game even easier now for you.

MCPatcher is a small program, which makes it simple to use for just about anyone. It contains a comprehensive archive of the main Minecraft versions. Simply opt to upgrade or downgrade to the version of your preference accordingly. MCPatcher also creates backup copies, so if something goes wrong, you can restore the game back to the last version you were playing.

MCPatcher requires an installed version of Minecraft to already be on your computer without modifications for it to work. Unfortunately, installation can be a bit tricky, and you'll need to have administrator powers on any computer you're trying to install it on.

MCPatcher is an indispensable tool that allows users to switch easily between multiple versions of Minecraft.



MCPatcher 13w09c 1.4.7

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